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beauty is unlimited

. About Celtis

There has always been a close relationship between art and Man’s conception of life with an essential part of human’s ideas and spiritual orientations being reflected through artistic works; an evolution had its way through Man’s artistic works at any time and era, marking changes to is way of thinking and viewing things; in other words Art is a product of a kind of new thinking and culture and conception of the beauty, as Beauty is endless.
CELTIS Company has been established with this motto, with the aim of identifying and importing European best quality items in interior design, as it is actually one of the largest importer of wallpaper from Europe with an exclusive agency in Iran from companies such as Germany’s Marburg and . CELTIS Company has also been able to develop its large network of distribution and sale through Iran’s provinces by giving official agencies. Brands such as Marburg and have been able to satisfy needs of luxury lovers by putting on the market their products with a highest level of quality and technology, an up-to-date design, through their collaboration with world’s stylish designers, while they always do their best to offer on international markets, their products with different design and style.

In 2014, CELTIS Group is honoured to resume its direct collaboration with Marburg brand, as their exclusive agent so that more and more European luxury products would be reached by Iranian tastes, by providing a better presence, more items and much more distinct services deserved by each Iranian. By offering these brands in all styles matching Iranian tastes (classical, modern, office, teenager and child lines), this Group is decided to play a special part in reaching your aims that are setting a special and beautiful environment.

  • . History

    Marburg and have entered into the Iranian market since 2002, and here they received an unexpected reception for their convenience with the Iranian taste and their excellent quality, going straight into Iranians’ houses on a very short time after being recognized by country’s established end well known designers and experts. From 2014, these brands are offered in a better way with a better service, through CELTIS Group and this Company is doing its best to realize this and satisfy Iranian tastes and desires.

  • . Mission

    No one can deny Man’s love and desire for variety and beauty something that transfigures his life. Nowadays products’ variety in wallpaper’s design, colour, quality or texture has made the market of such products more and more competitive through the World. So it’s clear that such conditions are pushing manufacturers to follow this market to insure a more colourful and strong presence on it. Manufacturing plants of Germany’s Marburg and have been able to offer their outputs with special designs and colours, with different and updated styles, snatching the battle of competitiveness from their rivals and earning so a special portion of world’s market; this is why CELTIS Group is honoured to offer an entire line of products of these brands through its exclusive collaboration with them, providing a different package of services and a basic pricing, gaining so its clients’ satisfaction; and in near future it would ease the reaching of Iranian tastes and desires to other world’s well known brands and products.